22 May 2009

Dedicated To...

I saw you in a dream last night

With short hair so fine and smile bright

Physically, we are far apart

Yet you're still in my mind and also heart

I hope in life you're doing well

As for our future, only time will tell

I still miss you every day

Why does life tease me this way?

--ray n. 2009-5-20

15 May 2009

Vidya Gaemz

Warning: May contain nostalgia and nerdy talk.

Hello, dear reader. This week was pretty insane. I've been out and about, dealt with a megalomaniacal nuisance (more on that in the near-future), and met my future co-workers and superiors for my summer job in June (Yes, I actually have a summer job), among other things.

Lately, I've been playing video games to relax. Don't get me wrong--I've been playing since I was a child, but as I got older I've been playing less and less. I guess it was a combination of the responsibilities of adulthood and the fact that modern games don't draw me in like the older ones did.

Earlier this week, I was at the local shopping area and I decided to walk inside the GameStop there. I normally don't care for the place, but I was bored from wandering around the area aimlessly so I decided to play with the Nintendo DS Lite on display. Inside the DS was a demo of "Kirby Super Star Ultra", which was a remake of the Super NES version back in 1996. It was a fun game, but since I'm broke and already have the Super NES original, I don't plan on buying it.

Speaking of Kirby games, has anyone ever noticed that the series is pretty dark once you look past its cute exterior? Take "Kirby's Dreamland 3" for Super NES and "Kirby 64" for Nintendo 64 for example. If you've ever played them, then you'll know what I'm talking about when I mention "Dark Matter". Yeah. For those who don't know, just look it up on YouTube or something...or better yet, play the games.

Other than that "Kirby" remake on DS, I've been playing "Cave Story" for the past few months. It's a Japanese homebrew game that came out a few years ago by Studio Pixel that captures the old 16-bit platformer feel, specifically the labyrinth level structure and weapons upgrades influenced by "Metroid". "Cave Story" is a neat little game, and I recommend it to anyone who loves old-school style gaming. You can download the game and the English translation patch here.

Last but not least, for the past two days I've been playing Sega's "ToeJam & Earl" on my PC. Yes, it's an old game, but it's pretty damned awesome. It originally came out for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive for the Eurokids and weeaboos) in 1991 and became a cult hit. I've rented it a few times as a kid, but eventually I grew up and I didn't have a Genesis anymore, so I decided to emulate it. Anyway, I've been playing the game with save states for a while and I've decided to finally beat the game for once. Not only am I a cheat and a loser for needing to use savestates to 
beat a game that isn't even that difficult, but I am also a thief since I am playing a ROM image of the game. 

Oh, and I also have an Xbox 360. I've owned it since last December and I have five games for it, but I rarely play it. I didn't have time to play with it since I had school for the past few months, but since I finished my spring semester last week, I don't have any excuse to ignore it, so I might as well play it whenever I have some free time. I might play with the thing whenever I get around to renting "Street Fighter IV" or purchasing "Mega Man 9".

Thank you for reading. I pray that things aren't going to be as nerdy around here next week.


siggy 2009

PS: Someone buy me some Microsoft Points. I'll love you forever. ♥

08 May 2009


Welcome to the new Soapbox, dear reader! I decided to expand from MySpace in order to garner new readers. Just like the previous incarnation, I will post a new entry every Friday (unless otherwise noted). The topics range from Life, Politics, Cartoons, Fiction, and the occasional movie review. I hope that you'll follow me every week for a new piece of wisdom from my Soapbox.

As I share my opinions here, you can share yours too--comments are encouraged, and if you have any questions or just wanna offer your two cents, then go right ahead!

Remember, a new post every Friday!


PS: The old, MySpace version of the Soapbox isn't dead yet. You can still read it and post your comments there as well.