28 January 2011

I Need Adventure

Throughout my adulthood, I've always wanted to do an adventure game. I've had an opportunity to help work on one, but laziness and anxiety set in and I couldn't ultimately get far with it. It also didn't help that I couldn't find any time for it due to other responsibilities.

Aside from "DQIX", I've been playing a lot of "Zork" lately. The game, originally by Infocom, has had a revival lately thanks to "Call of Duty: Black Ops" in which "Zork" can be played in a computer within the game. Myself, I've been replaying it on DOSBox.

What is "Zork"? It's a text adventure game. Think of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, but with more interactivity. The game displays text, and you type down your actions in a text parser. If the command is understood, the game will then reveal what happens next, depending on your action.


"You are in an empty room, save for a table. On it, there is a glass of water."

>drink water

"You drink the glass of water."

Also, there are grues about and if you do not wish to be eaten by a grue, be sure to turn on your lantern.

Although not the first text adventure game (the honor goes to "The Colossal Cave Adventure"), the Zork trilogy started an adventure boom for the PC in the 1980s. Notable adventure games included the MacVenture titles ("Shadowgate", "Uninvited", "Déjà Vu"), LucasArts's S.C.U.M.M. adventures ("Maniac Mansion", "Monkey Island") and Sierra On-Line ("King's Quest", "Police Quest", "Leisure Suit Larry"). All of the latter games introduced graphics and sound, whereas some have eliminated the text parser and replaced it with a point-and-click interface along with preset commands.

Sadly, adventure games have had their day, but lately a few franchises have been making impacts, mainly the "Sam and Max" titles, Capcom's "Ace Attorney" games, and countless visual novels in Japan.

I'm currently reworking an old script and play mechanics for an adventure game I've been planning since last year, but I'm still deciding whether to make this into a strict text adventure or a more visual experience. If it ever actually gets made, I'll probably post it on this page. Until then, I'm still trying to finish "DQIX".


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21 January 2011

Dragon Quest IX

I have now turned into Yoshihiro Togashi.

I bought this game a few weeks ago. And I'm still not finished with the main quest yet.

Don't bother me.

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Also, buy Candy or Medicine Volume 12 today----it features a comic by yours truly. As for me, back to kill more metal slimes.

14 January 2011


Back in 2005, my friend Jose and I have worked on a 15 page comic in our spare time called "Jokémon". Jose wrote the plot and I helped with some of the gags, while I concentrated on the artwork. We planned to draw up two installments, a "Drugs" version and a "Sex" version, but only the "Drugs" version was finished. I've had sketches for the "Sex" version drawn back then, but they're either lost or thrown away by now. Six years later, there is still no "Sex" version available, and I doubt it'll ever be made.

What you are about to read is material that hasn't been read by anyone short of myself, Jose, and a few friends. It is the complete and unedited "Drugs Version" story, rife with violence, sexism, racism, homophobia, profane language, references to mindless sex and heavy drugs--all played for cheap laughs. In other words, this is a comic intended for (im)mature readers and NOT for children. Especially since said comic was created by two high school boys who found gay jokes and bad puns to be the pinnacle of comedy.

If all of this still hasn't deterred you from reading the comic, then please enjoy "Jokémon: Drugs Version":















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