30 October 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

The Ray N. Experience wishes you a Happy Halloween. Remember to bring along some hand sanitizer on your travels, whether it's a party or trick-or-treating; candy is handed out quite liberally and germs can be spread just as easily, what with the H1N1 scare and all. As for myself, I'm not sure what to do tomorrow. I do have a mask, but I have no concrete plans other than work on some homework and other routine things. Have I gotten too old for Halloween?

Although I don't have any plans for Halloween, I do have plans today. You may notice that this week's post is up earlier than I normally post as of late, and there's good reason. I plan on watching the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It" at the theatre and watch MJ's final days of rehearsal. Should be cool, I hope. Will post a review next week.

Speaking of hand sanitizer and H1N1, the week after next, "The Madman Diaries III" will be posted and the content will be about those very subjects. After that, I'll be free out of advance ideas, and I'm too busy/lazy to come up with new content for the next post. Hopefully Thanksgiving Break will hit and I can take a week off from posting without feeling overly guilty about it.

Also, before I'm done for tonight, the illustration above is lovingly colored by the amazing Van Krause. I just drew it. But yeah, please give Van Krause some thanks. He's helped me out when I'm busy with other things and he's made of all kinds of awesome. Again, thank you, Van Krause! Remind me to get you something nice! ♥

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween! Seriously, if something bad happens to anyone, I'll have less readers. And that's never a good thing.


siggy 2009

PS: I want a caramel apple. Hold the razor blades. Thank you.

23 October 2009

Life's a Total Drag, Man

Hello dear reader.

Life is full of experiences. Some of them are pretty out there. Last night was one of such trippy experiences.

I attended a drag show. And I don't mean drag racing.

I mean "drag" as in drag queens and drag kings. I.e. cross-dressers. (Or "okama" for you weeaboos out there.)

Last night, I attended my college's first annual drag show. It was organized by the school GSA and other groups and the event was named "Kings & Queens: It's a Drag Affair". I've heard of drag shows among the LGBT community, and aside from watching transvestites on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "One Piece", I've never been to one. For those of you who frown upon the very idea, I'll just tell you two things: We have the freedom to express ourselves, and that Bugs Bunny was often in drag and nobody made a fuss over it. Moving on...

There wasn't a program with a list of all of the performers, and my short-term memory is horrible, so I couldn't type up anything detailed, but I can offer a brief synopsis of what went on last night:

I entered the show, and it started at around 6:30 PM (there was a delay). Numerous technical difficulties aside, the show was quite interesting. Not only were there men out there in drag, there were also "kings" performing (women in "drag" as men), and they all performed quite well. Two of my classmates performed and did quite well. There were both "Amateur" and "Professional" divisions, yet they were all pretty great. One of the amateur "kings" performing was very convincing, and "he" ended up winning the title of King. The performer's name? "Logan Trap". Heh.

The Queen award was given to "Trinity", a trio of dancers who performed Beyonce's "Sasha Fierce" routines, including "Single Ladies". There were also a "Prince" and "Princess" awards handed out, and door prizes to the audience who had winning tickets. I didn't win any door prizes. But, I DID win a free drink token to a local bar in Atlanta named "Mary's" (had to be carded prior to winning the token). Problem is, I rarely drink. Who wants a free drink token?

In the end, I had fun. It was a bit alien and trippy for me, but I enjoyed what I saw. It's not exactly like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", but it's equally as strange and musical. Two noted guests were the MC, "Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker", and the guest judge, V-103's "Miss Sophia". I had my picture taken with the latter, and she was quite nice. I took an insane amount of pictures and they can all be viewed above. Will there be another show next year? I'm not sure, but I'm looking forward to it. The show was quite fabulous for only five dollars.

Enjoy the pictures and have a safe weekend.

siggy 2009

16 October 2009

Choose Love.

Inspired by a poster I found online about a year ago (which I couldn't locate now), this is an illustration for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered History Month". Since 1994 (in the US), LGBT History Month observes the history of gay rights movements and individuals who were pivotal to the movement. Also, on the 11th of October is National Coming Out Day. If you're a student at a high school or a university, please support your school's Gay-Straight Alliance, and for the rest of us, we should love our homosexual brethren, not discriminate against them. We should judge someone by their character, and not by their ethnicity, religion, color, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.
For more information about LGBT History Month, visit http://www.glbthistorymonth.com/glbthistorymonth/2009/.


siggy 2009

PS: On a completely unrelated note, "Captain" Lou Albano (1933-2009) died earlier this week. He was known for being a pro wrestler, manager, promoter, collaborator with Cyndi Lauper, and the voice and live-action actor of Super Mario from the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show". He died of natural causes. He was 76. Goodnight sweet prince.

09 October 2009

The Madman Diaries II

I've found this on a forum the other day, and it made me think...



Conservapedia, a neo-con wiki, undertakes a project to REWRITE the Holy Bible, believing that it was mistranslated as too "liberal".

Abraham Lincoln, founder of the Republican Party, and Jesus Christ, Son of God, must be facepalming up in heaven right fucking now. Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan's ghost gets a boner. The Bible, the holy book of Scripture and God's Word...LIBERAL?! That's like the equivalent of the CEO of McDonald's becoming the head of the FDA and ruling that Big Macs are vegan health food! I mean, I don't personally believe that the Bible is the word of God, but is written by men to suit the agendas of men and the King James Version was probably translated to suit the king's needs at the time, but seriously...how can JESUS CHRIST be considered too liberal?! I mean, sure, in the book of Acts, he and his followers had their own settlement and it worked like a commune, and Christ also taught others to love your neighbor and even your enemy. I mean, love to your fellow man...aren't these GOOD things?! This is pretty fucking sad. I'm not a religious person, but I do realize that the Bible is a significant book with some good stories that do help people. It also contains inaccuracies, of course, and things that are seen as archaic and offensive in these modern times, but it's pretty fucking sad to see a group of people wishing to change the Good Book to suit their neo-con agenda in the name of "American values". I hope the fine folks at Conservapedia will be happy defiling the Bible to their greedy, xenophobic, Objectivist needs. Five bucks says that Leviticus will contain 2000% more anti-homosexual rhetoric and that Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan will be considered prophets.

C'est la vie,

siggy 2009

For more information about the Conservative Bible Project, click here.

02 October 2009

Wish List 2009

It's that time of year again. Holiday season isn't until a few more months, but stores are already getting prepared. I try to not be such a materialistic person, but goddamn there's a lot of cool shit out there this year that I want, but couldn't afford. If you're feeling quite charitable, please get me one of the following:

-A one year subscription to Shonen Jump
-R. Crumb's Illustrated Book of Genesis (as of yesterday, I scored it. So VOID.)
-Shinchan DVD box sets
-Cromartie High School complete DVD box set
-Hissing Fauna Are You the Destroyer? (of Montreal)
-An actual Death Note
-DEVO Energy Dome (hat)
-DJ Hero (Xbox 360)
-The Blues Bros. (DVD) (VOID. Picked it up for five bucks. WOOT!) 
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show (DVD)
-Breakfast in America (Supertramp)
-Microsoft Points
-Xbox Live Gold 1 year subscription
-The White Album (The Beatles)
-Tickets to the "This Is It" MJ movie. 

The list will be edited when I score an item (will be marked VOID) or if I feel that it isn't that important. But, I will get you something nice if you give me a gift. ;)


siggy 2009