18 June 2010

You Know You Might Be a Weeaboo If...

You Know You Might Be a Weeaboo* If...

> ...You think dubbed anime is worse than Hitler.
> ...You want a Japanese waifu.
> ...You want a Japanese husbando.
> ...You believe that Japan is a magical land of whimsy where everything is just like anime.
> ...You believe that you are the reincarnated from a Japanese priestess or samurai.
> ...Your love of Japan is greater than right-wing Japanese nationalists.
> ...You listen to J-music exclusively but you don't understand the lyrics.
> ...You wish you went to a Japanese high school.
> ...You list "Japanese" as one of your spoken languages on your resume even though in reality you barely know the language and you butcher it every time you try to speak it.
> ...You import a box of Pocky straight from Japan for $6 over the Internet, rather than go to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a box for a dollar.
> ...You give your kids Japanese names even though you or your spouse aren't Japanese.
> ...You draw everything "anime" style.
> ...You and your friends eat at Panda Express, although they are a Chinese restaurant.
> ...You go to anime conventions.
> ...You buy untranslated manga, despite not knowing how to read it, just because it's in it's "pure" form.
> ...You pay more money for a Japanese beer at a bar.
> ...You sing anime theme songs at karaoke.
> ...You want a Japanese imouto (little sister) who calls you "onii-chan" (big brother).
> ...You'd give anything to live in Japan, even though you've never been there.
> ...You lurk and post on /a/.

siggy 2010

*Weeaboo (n.) - Internet slang for someone (read: Westerner) who is obsessed with Japanese culture. Syn: Wapanese, Japanophile, Otaku.

11 June 2010

FOOD REVIEW: Spicy Chick Fil A Sandwich

FIRST-EVER FOOD REVIEW: Spicy Chick Fil A Sandwich, $2.99 plus tax, Chick Fil A.

DISCLAIMER: This review is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Chick Fil A. All my opinions are belong to me.

I'm not going to be pretentious or verbose here. I'm going to write how I honestly feel about this product in my own words. If you want a detailed essay about how food tastes, then go read the newspaper. Thank you.

REVIEW: On Monday, June 7, Chick Fil A released their new spicy variant of their flagship sandwich, the Chick Fil A chicken sandwich, to the public. I decided to try it out of sheer curiosity, and because of earlier reviews that praised the sandwich (it was given out to select people the week before the sandwich publicly came out).

The packaging was similar to the original sandwich, and as I opened it up, the sandwich was nice and hot. Two buns, a spicy boneless chicken breast, lightly breaded and cooked in peanut oil, and two pickles probably won't sound impressive in writing, but damn, when put together and eaten, the result is delicious.

Upon first bite, a rush of spice has filled my mouth and I start coughing. It isn't a tongue burner, but it will leave a good burn inside you. The taste is actually genuine and reminds me of Texas Pete or Tabasco. What's even more amazing is that the chicken must've been marinated well, because the spice isn't limited to the crunchy outside, but is also found on the juicy white meat inside as well. The pickle just adds that slight 'ting' that completes the bite. In short, three words: SO. FUCKING. DELICIOUS.

PROS: The spice makes a great addition to an already great sandwich.
CONS: The spice may either be too spicy for some, or not spicy enough for others.


FINAL WORD: For three bucks, this is a good deal. It's basically the original sandwich, but with some added spice. Highly recommended.

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04 June 2010

My Thoughts on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

April 20th: A day that has always lived in infamy. Adolf Hitler's birthday, the Columbine massacre, L. Ron Hubbard Observance Day, 4/20, and now, the day the BP Oil Spill happened.

On April 20th, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, located in the Gulf of Mexico, exploded. Eleven crewmen died. Two days later, the well sank and it started gushing gallons upon gallons of oil every day. As of today (June 4), the gushing still hasn't stopped and the oil slick has reached the shores of Louisiana. Needless to say, this sucks. Countless families' livelihoods are ruined because of the oil, being that their main industry is fishing, and wildlife is ruined beyond recognition. Meanwhile, BP has tried all sorts of procedures to stop the spillage and all so far have failed, while the federal government is too slow to act on their efforts to fight this disaster.

My thoughts on the BP oil spill are pretty much similar to the majority of Americans. It's tragic, the federal government needs to prioritize, and BP is fucking up. Seriously, if this isn't the biggest case against off-shore drilling, then I don't know what is. Lord knows I'm not going to get my gas from BP ever again; they're handling the situation poorly. What pisses me off even further is that there are still some stubborn politicians who still support off-shore drilling and are still buddy-buddy with oil companies, not to mention anyone who believes that the free market will fix the problem if we give BP even LESS regulation. Also, what irks me is that the President decided to spend his holiday in Chicago rather than spend more time with the people down south and help them out. This isn't justice.

I really hope that the leak will be fixed, but I highly doubt it. Caps, illegal toxic dispersants, and the top-kill procedure didn't work, and I doubt anything BP comes up with at this point won't either. Russia even suggested dropping a nuke on the rig and drive it straight down the Earth. What in the shit is this?! I'm not a religious man, but I'm starting to believe that the End Times are drawing nigh.

In short, BP, the incoming hurricane season, and unemployment have been destroying the South environmentally and economically, and to quote Bananarama, we're in for a cruel, cruel summer.

siggy 2010

PS: The image above was made by an individual named WtheG, and has been edited to keep this blog readable for the general public. If you wish to see the original NSFW image, click here. It honesty sums up my feelings for this madness.