18 June 2010

You Know You Might Be a Weeaboo If...

You Know You Might Be a Weeaboo* If...

> ...You think dubbed anime is worse than Hitler.
> ...You want a Japanese waifu.
> ...You want a Japanese husbando.
> ...You believe that Japan is a magical land of whimsy where everything is just like anime.
> ...You believe that you are the reincarnated from a Japanese priestess or samurai.
> ...Your love of Japan is greater than right-wing Japanese nationalists.
> ...You listen to J-music exclusively but you don't understand the lyrics.
> ...You wish you went to a Japanese high school.
> ...You list "Japanese" as one of your spoken languages on your resume even though in reality you barely know the language and you butcher it every time you try to speak it.
> ...You import a box of Pocky straight from Japan for $6 over the Internet, rather than go to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a box for a dollar.
> ...You give your kids Japanese names even though you or your spouse aren't Japanese.
> ...You draw everything "anime" style.
> ...You and your friends eat at Panda Express, although they are a Chinese restaurant.
> ...You go to anime conventions.
> ...You buy untranslated manga, despite not knowing how to read it, just because it's in it's "pure" form.
> ...You pay more money for a Japanese beer at a bar.
> ...You sing anime theme songs at karaoke.
> ...You want a Japanese imouto (little sister) who calls you "onii-chan" (big brother).
> ...You'd give anything to live in Japan, even though you've never been there.
> ...You lurk and post on /a/.

siggy 2010

*Weeaboo (n.) - Internet slang for someone (read: Westerner) who is obsessed with Japanese culture. Syn: Wapanese, Japanophile, Otaku.